Deep Cleaning

Scaling and Root Planing

Deep cleanings, or scaling and root planing, is performed whenever gum disease is present. With gum disease, or periodontitis, tartar accumulates below the gumline. This leads to bone loss. Unfortunately, once bone is lost it will never grow back. If enough bone is lost then teeth can become loose and infected. In the most severe cases, extractions will become necessary. In order to avoid bone loss, or to stop the process if already started, a deep cleaning is needed.  Signs of developing gum disease include: unpleasant smelling breath, bleeding gums, red and inflamed gums, or loose teeth.

During a deep cleaning, several different instruments are used to safely and comfortably navigate below the gumline and remove any tartar present. This is performed under local anesthesia as the gums can be very sensitive. This will ensure there is no pain during the procedure. In most cases, there is very little to no post operative discomfort. In more advanced cases, a day or two or discomfort can be expected but is usually minimal.

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