Root Canal

Root Canal Therapy

A root canal is when the nerve of a tooth is removed, or an infected tooth is cleaned and sterilized internally. Indications for a root canal usually consist of pain, fractures or infections. When a cavity gets large enough in a tooth to reach the nerve, or a tooth cracks and exposes the nerve, a root canal is performed to removed the decay and alleviate pain. If a tooth becomes infected and develops an abscess, a root canal will rid the tooth of infection.

The procedure consists of first making a very small opening in the tooth. Once the nerve is located, a system of files is used to clean out the inside of the tooth. Once the nerve has been completed removed and the nerve space cleaned, it is sealed off in order to prevent any bacteria reentering the tooth. The tooth is then sealed off and in most cases a crown will also be completed in order to make sure the tooth is strong and can withstand normal function again.

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