Dental Crowns

Crowns are designed to repair and rebuild broken down teeth due to trauma, decay, fracture or age. There are several different types of material currently being used ranging from solid gold to ceramic and zirconia. Each of which has specific benefits. The procedure involved in fabricating crown begins by reducing the overall size of the tooth. Once the tooth has been reduced to create an ideal environment for a successful crown, an impression will be taken. At Vantage Pointe Dental, we use a digital scanner for all of our impressions. This allows for a much more comfortable experience as well as creating a better overall product. Once the scan is completed, a temporary crown is made and temporary bonded into place. Once the final crown has been fabricated, the temporary crown is removed and the final crown cemented in place.

The other benefit of crowns is the ability to improve the esthetics of broken down or discolored teeth. Teeth with old fillings, wear due to grinding or clenching, food and drink staining, cracks or dissatisfied appearance can all be beautifully repaired with crowns.

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