Dr. Hernann has completed extensive training in orthodontics and it is one of his biggest passions.  Braces are tremendous options for both kids an adults looking to either improve their smile or fix lingering issues. Braces consist of brackets and wires that are strategically positioned in order to straighten teeth and correct any bite issues. At each visit, wires are incrementally changed in order to achieve the desired results. Depending on what all is in need of correcting, other appliances such as expanders or rubber bands are used as well. Every case is planned out individually pertaining to the specific needs of the patient.

As well as orthodontics, Dr. Hernann has also been training in orthodontics. Orthodontics is the treatment designed to correct conditions related to jaw and facial growth, structure, malocclusion, TMJ disorders and even sleep apnea. Through the use of braces, teeth can be strategically moved in order to create a harmonious position with the jaw. This can eliminate TMJ disorders or even grinding and clenching. The jaw can also be repositioned in such a way as to reduce or eliminate sleep apnea.

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